I'm excited that you want an artist for your party! I've recently worked with Kaman's Art Shoppes at the San Diego Zoo and now create constant Face Painting, drawing Henna Tattoos, making Balloon Animals, and applying Glitter Tattoos daily to many children and adults at parties and events! 


For a basic package of any service, I charge $110 for the first hour and $45 for every 30 minutes to follow. Please allot 1 hour per 12-15 kids, 10-13 kids/guests if Henna Tattoos is one of your services. (Henna Tattoos are not recommended for children under the age of 7, since they may forget about it and it may smudge, ruining the design and/or any clothes that it may come in contact with.) Please add 30 minutes to your over all service time for each additional service. One artist will be provided (unless requested, additional charges will apply) and will provide each service simultaneously throughout the time allotted, depending on the guest’s preference. All Pricing is as follows:


Not planning a party? To book an Individual Henna you can Click Here, or for a Holiday Face Paint appointment, please email me directly at or simply make a note of it in your booking form!

31 image2.JPG

Basic Package:
(1) One service of your Choice (eg. Face painting, Henna Tattoos, Balloon Animals, Glitter Tattoos, or Chunky Glitter Bar)

1 hr - $110
1.5 hrs - $155
2 hrs - $200
2.5 hrs - $245
3 hrs - $290

...and so on.


Double Package:
(2) Two Services of your Choice (eg. Face painting & Balloon Animals, or Henna Tattoos & Glitter Tattoos)

1 hr - $140 (For a Party of 10 kids or less)
1.5 hrs - $195
2 hrs - $250
2.5 hrs - $305
3 hrs - $360
...and so on.


Party Package:
(3) Three Services of your Choice

1.5 hrs - $235
2 hrs - $300
2.5 hrs - $365
3 hrs - $430

...and so on.


Super Party PAckage
(4) Any Four Services

(View other Discount details below!)

2 hrs - $350
2.5 hrs - $425 ($400 w/discount!)
3 hrs - $500 ($475 w/discount!)
3.5 hrs - $580 ($555 w/discount!)

...and so on.



The typical length for my services is based on the number of guests wanting the service. My services include all supplies, table and high chair. 40+ Face Paint designs to choose from! (Special gems and glitter available upon request by the guest.) Henna Tattoos, I include my booklet of 50+ designs and am available for customs. For Balloon Twisting and Glitter Tattoos, I provide a variety of themes and characters for the guests to choose from.

If you would like to add a costume to fit your theme, just ask and I'll see what I have in my magical wardrobe! (The Cost will depend on the costume requested.)


If the Event location is outside a 15-mile radius of zip code 92115 (according to Google Maps), $10-$25 may be applied as a convenience fee. If more than 35 miles (Valley Center, Vista, Carlsbad, and anything further North, etc) an additional fee will be added.

Payment Details

Aside from a Non-Refundable Retainer Fee required upon booking in order to hold your reservation (which will count towards your full balance), I require being paid in cash only within the last hour of my services (also, make note that I typically do not carry cash or change on me). 9 times out of 10, I will have another party to attend to directly after yours. As a courtesy, please have your balance ready or paid by the end of my time so that I can leave promptly if necessary. This is simply because after I start packing up, I would not want to interrupt cake cutting, piñata, or anything else that may be in progress and, therefore, will not be able to leave at the designated time.

Venmo and Personal Checks are not preferred, but will be accepted only on the account of not having requested cash funds available. If the check bounces from NSF (Insufficient Funds), the bank fee of $35 with the total cost and 5% card fee will be invoiced to you. If neither Cash nor check are available when payment is due (which may lead for me to be late to another client's party), a 5% card fee with a 3% convenience fee will be added to your remaining balance payment for a card transaction. Any other form of payment must be agreed upon beforehand and will not be accepted otherwise.

Additional Artists

Professional Artist(s): I have many artists throughout San Diego that I love working with, all of which do all of the services that I provide as well as other services like Caricatures, Magic, Clowning, Princesses, Games, and the like. If wanting a second artist, please note that pricing per artist will be the same for each additional artist added.

Apprentice Artist: My Apprentice (who loves art and children as much as I do) is now educated in and can provide Basic Face Painting if available can provide this service for $70-$90 per hour, rather than the price of an seasoned professional ($100-$150/hr). (She is also very skilled in Henna and Glitter Tattoos and can provide these as well as add on services or separately at normal pricing). We have done many parties and events together and she is a very gifted artist!! (A $15 discount will be applied for booking 4 services or 4 or more hours).

Professional Photographer/Videographer: I have a Photographer who I love using for birthday parties and events and, if available, can provide photography and/or videography for your event at a reasonable price. To see further details and pricing click here.

Let me know if you would like to add an additional artist to your package and I will check their availability! Please specify in your booking form what kind of artist you would like (whether professional or apprentice).


Booking 4 Services: $25 Discount will be applied for booking all 4 services! (Must book 2.5 hours or longer to apply.)
Booking 4 or more Hours: $25 Discount will be applied for booking 4 or more hours. (Applies to any Party Package!)
Charity Discount: Discounts for Charities, Fundraisers, and Churches are on a case by case bases. Please inquire for more information.
Active Military Discount: If booking more than 1.5 hours, a $15-$25 discount will be given depending on the number of service(s) and/or hour(s) booking. Thank you for your service! (Must show proof of valid ID)


Thank you for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you!