Party Changes & Cancellation Policy:

A non-refundable $25-100 retainer fee (depending on the type and length of event you are holding) is required at the time of booking in order hold your reservation. Be aware that your Booking Reservation is not complete until the retainer fee invoice has been paid. The time slot that you've requested is subject to unavailability if being asked for from another client with failure to pay the retainer fee. This is especially important for Holiday weekends and special event days (like Superbowl weekend, Halloween, etc), so please don't delay in sending a booking form and paying the retainer fee as soon as you are prompted to!

If cancelling within 48 hours of your event, you will be invoiced the full Balance/Payment plus a 5% inconvenience fee for your event due to an insufficient amount of time to reschedule another party in its place. Please make note of this before filling out and submitting a booking form.

To some clients, rain can be a deal breaker with Face Painting and our other services. 
(Our table and chair set-up allows us to be indoors or outside, with or without a canopy.) Winds can be also be disastrous; anything over 20 mph wind and our supplies will blow away. All clients are required to provide shade for their artist(s) unless purchasing the canopy add-on ($20 fee). Please consider these things when booking your event as well as thinking of where to put the artist(s) at your event.

Samantha Anderson Artist considers safety first. 
We are insured and only use professional and cosmetic grade face paints and glitters which are hypoallergenic.

Changes to your event (like start/end time or adding service(s) to your package) must be made at least 48 hours before your event Date. This will allow us to adjust our time if needed. Other Changes (adding time to the end your event) can be made up until the end time of your event; however, if another booking has been made that day prior to your request of change, your request may be unable to be fulfilled due to the prior commitment. If you would like to ensure availability, you can add it to your reservation before the event date. Please notify me of any changes as soon as you confirm them to ensure that your requests can be fulfilled! Booking in advanced also get you the original price quoted. Booking last minute (on the day of your event) increases the hourly rate due to unplanned work, so book and make changes to your reservation early!