A Little bit about me

I started doing a variety of art at a very young age and continued it throughout high school. In Jr. High, I was introduced to a new passion of musical theater which consisted of acting, song, and dance; all different types of art and expression.

When I enrolled in college, I pursued theater as well as continuing in my other passions. In 2015, I graduated Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelors in Theatre Art accompanied by a Minor in Art with Concentrations in Ceramics. I then moved to San Diego and was hired by Kaman's Art Shoppes at the San Diego Zoo where I fell in love with more art! Face Painting, Henna and Glitter Tattoos.

I now provide private and group art instruction, create personalized projects, and work private & company events as a face painter and henna tattoo artist. Along with this, I also teach group drawing and painting classes at Michael's Craft Store. I absolutely love what I do and how I get to share these passions I have for art!

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to speak with you soon! 

Samantha Anderson

In addition to my artsy jobs, in my early college days I found a partner dance called West Coast Swing and fell in love with it. My Husband and I teach weekly classes and run a monthly dance. Feel free to check it out: 

For more info, please visit MikeandSamantha.com